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A new solution to social housing that truly realises the potential of the community

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A charitable housing company that offers rents, tenancies, coaching and support to meet your changing needs

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A unique approach to setting rents

We want our rents to be truly affordable. We'll set your rent based on what is affordable for your household. We review rents regularly and on an individual basis, so we can be flexible to the unexpected life changes that may happen.


Realising Your Potential

Our Community Potential Specialists will work with you to help unlock your dreams. By providing life coaching, motivation and support, we can help with:

  • access to training or work experience
  • improving your confidence and wellbeing
  • getting you back into employment
  • progressing in your chosen career.


We're not just about individuals and homes, we care about the whole community.

We encourage positive contributions in the community, for example through engagement with neighbours and volunteering, but at the same time we'll take strong action when behaviour is unacceptable.

We work with a network of local partners to deliver our services and to open up opportunities for our tenants.


Rent calculator

We offer rents that are based on your household's ability to pay. To help us work out what this would be we need to know about the income of the household, as well as household size.

When we offer you a home we will tell you the rent, and then any discount you may be eligible for. You can use this calculator to get a rough idea of what rent you may be charged. To use it you will need to know the market rent of homes similar to the homes you would like (and might be bidding on) in the area you want to live. You can get a rough idea of market rents by looking on websites such as Rightmove.

Your offer
Discounted Rent

potential discounted monthly rent

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* This figure is indicative based on the information you have entered. If you see a home that you want to bid on and want to know what the rent might be if you are successful, please contact us at Please note we will only be able to give you an accurate figure if you have completed our verification process.

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We've launched our new website

We've launched our new website

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new website.
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Learning new skills during lockdown

Learning new skills during lockdown

A lot of us are spending more time at home right now, and if you’ve got a little more free time than usual, you might want to take the opportunity to upskill yourself.
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