Repairs during COVID-19

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The good news is that we’re still carrying out repairs to your home.

We agree with government’s view that tenants have a right to a decent, warm and safe place to live and it is in the best interests of our customers and us as a landlord to ensure that homes are kept in good repair and free from hazards. So, whilst our obligations haven’t changed, we do appreciate however, that we may need to do things a little differently at the moment.

As per the governments advice, no work will be carried out in any home which is isolating, unless it's for us to remedy a direct risk to the safety of the household, such as emergency plumbing or repairs, and where the contractor is willing to do so. Where this is necessary, our teams will take all the necessary precautions.

We'd like to reassure our customers that we're following the current government advice and continue to review information which is being produced regularly to ensure that we operate our services in line with the most up to date published government and Public Health England guidance.

Working in your home

As a precaution, we're contacting all our customers on the day of appointments and only undertaking works having first looked at the risks and taken the right measures to ensure the safety and protection of our customers, staff and contractors. This includes ensuring that our staff and contractors are also screened to make sure that anyone who is displaying symptoms will not be working in your home.

We're asking all our contractors to work to agreed safety standards, which means that they'll be wearing higher levels of personal protective equipment (PPE) than required by the current guidance. We’d encourage you to report any contractor that you feel is not working in a safe manner or complying with our PPE requirements to us.

It would be helpful if on the day, when you answer the door, you could step back once you’ve opened the door, and open windows to help ventilate your home whilst the work is being undertaken. Our contractor will seek to maintain a two-metre distance from anyone in the household, so if you could help by staying in a different room whilst work is being undertaken, that would be great. Our contractor will also clear up and wipe down any surfaces they touch before leaving your home.

If you have any concerns about work being carried out in your home, please contact us so we can talk these through and agree next steps. We'll understand if a customer wants to cancel a non-emergency repair and book at a later date.

Read further information about the government direction.

Safety measures of our contractors

The safety measures we expect our contractors to follow to ensure COVID-19 Secure compliance are listed below:

  • Risk assess their activities on a regular basis ensuring they meet current guidance
  • Screen their team members regularly to ensure anyone displaying symptoms is not working in or around tenant's homes
  • Ensure that the tenants they're visiting have been screened before they visit, either by Twenty11 or themselves.

Our contractors will follow increased hygiene practice whilst working in your home.

  • They'll ensure their hands are washed with soap and water or with an alcohol-based sanitiser (containing at least 60% alcohol) before entering your home.
  • They'll keep the two-metre distance (self-distancing) from anyone in your home.
  • They'll avoid touching surfaces, handrails, etc. where possible and will wipe down anything they touch before leaving your home.

PPE will be worn during every visit, where it's necessary to access a home.

If you believe a contractor is not following these measures, please ask them to and contact us immediately.


Technology is great, and it means we can carry out most inspections virtually. It would be helpful, if when reporting a repair, you could send us photos and a video.

If we need to see more, one of our team will contact you. It may be that we need to video call you. This will allow us to talk through the request and correctly diagnose the issue - we can then get the repair booked in. (This also helps you gain digital engagement points on your Tenancy Sustainment Licence.)

If the work is complex, we may need to organise to visit you, and if we do, we’ll follow the safety precautions outlined above.

Are you still carrying out the annual gas and electrical safety inspections?

We still have an obligation to carry out all scheduled annual gas and electrical inspections and tests in your home. Therefore, we’ll ask for your co-operation in allowing us access to fulfil these tasks so that we can continue to keep you safe in your home. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have stressed the importance of continuing to provide this service; and as a landlord we'll take all the necessary and reasonable steps to comply with the law.

Once you give us access, you'll not need to stay in the same room as our operative whilst they carry out the work.

We'll continue to update you if anything changes.